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On The Click: Qing Guo Alley's Big Bet and the People It Wagered
theresa boersma
Dec 13, 2020
While known for massive architectural projects and soaring skyscrapers, Chinese cities are increasingly looking to their own history and preserving what remnants of it remain. This piece takes a look at one such project in Changzhou, China, and how attempting to preserve something old can still mean upheaval for an area's inhabitants.

Qing Guo Alley's Big Bet and the People It Wagered - The Click
A recently renovated historic area in China balances between the fallout from pandemic restrictions and maintaining its cultural heritage.

Theresa Boersma - Journalist

Theresa Boersma is an American journalist and entrepreneur based near Shanghai, China. A freelance reporter, her work spans in-depth investigative reporting and character-driven feature stories that explore the intersection of culture, policy, business, environment, education, and society.
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