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On The Click: College Media Group Backs President Who Sparked NYU Newspaper Staff Walkout
theresa boersma, lilian manansala, and ck smith
Oct 17, 2020
Part of an ongoing series -- When almost the entire editorial staff of NYU's student newspaper walked out over a dispute with their new media adviser, they left far more questions than answers. In this segment my co-writers and I learned that a national college media group planned to stand by the media advisor despite allegations of racial intolerance and unethical journalism.

College Media Group Backs President Who Sparked NYU Newspaper Staff Walkout - The Click
A college media adviser keeps her leadership position despite recent allegations from student journalists.

Theresa Boersma - Journalist

Theresa Boersma is an American journalist and entrepreneur based near Shanghai, China. A freelance reporter, her work spans in-depth investigative reporting and character-driven feature stories that explore the intersection of culture, policy, business, environment, education, and society.
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