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Students leave Changwai Bilingual School in Changzhou on Apr. 13, 2020. [Credit: Theresa Boersma] 

On The Click: China's Schools Prepare for Next Coronavirus Test
theresa boersma
Sep 29, 2020
Location: Changzhou, China
I wrote this back in September for The Click as part of the master's degree I am working for at NYU. So far, China's schools and hospitals appear to be handling flu season just fine. Although parents do continue to complain that schools are encouraging them to take their children to hospitals when they have the sniffles.

China’s Schools Prepare for Next Coronavirus Test - The Click
China’s schools reopened this month without reigniting coronavirus numbers – their next challenge? Flu season. #COVID-19 #China #schools

Theresa Boersma - Journalist

Theresa Boersma is an American journalist and entrepreneur based near Shanghai, China. A freelance reporter, her work spans in-depth investigative reporting and character-driven feature stories that explore the intersection of culture, policy, business, environment, education, and society.
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